About us

For the last few years, we have been bridging the gap between books for young people and more adult fiction – with our Junge Belletristik (Young Fiction) for readers aged 16 to 30 years, people that is, who may already be adults but are still seeking their place in life. People who want to find out what being grown up means for them; students and those starting work, globetrotters and people who just want to have fun, those who embrace the extraordinary, and those who thrive on pushing boundaries. In short, for a social group that is steadily increasing and growing older, because nowadays, this phase lasts longer than ever before. Consequently, our current programme has grown a little older too.
We find that script5 titles fit into every fiction department. One or other title could also be placed on the ‘young adults’ shelf. How they are categorised is not as important to us as meeting our readers‘ needs. That is why we present unmistakably adult titles alongside titles that could well feature in a programme for books for older young readers. It is this openness – and variety – that distinguishes script5 and its readers. Above all, our authors’ work stands for everything that script5 would like to be: youthful, uninhibited, and well written.